Nail Art Designs Ideas Fashion for Women and Girls

Nail art designs and ideas 2015 are very popular among every modern women and girls because they want to be looked beautiful. Ladies wants to appear stunning and attractive when they attend happy events or party for this they apply various eye catching nice color paints to beautify their nails. Mostly Girls apply it in parties, school or college functions, wedding ceremonies and others celebrity parties. They use different tricks to improve personality and increase the beauty of their fingers by using different good looking colors with their nice combinations. The Pakistani and Indian women have awareness of Nail Art Ideasnail art designs and ideas of wonderful fantastic patters to make their nail art designs more beautiful. They forever try to make a perfect nice design so that their hands seem eye-catching and lovely. You can buy shiny, matte paints, different brushes and more fancy paint from any cosmetics store. The short designs or patterns are very famous amongst college, university and school girls because the little art patterns are very simple but eye catching.

Easy Nail Art Designs 2015

are different e.g. Fresh Pick you can apply it with small brush red base, and used white and yellow polish, Beautiful Polka dots it is easiest to do, white dots on a base coat of red or rainbow colored dots. Room for Dessert, apply it smaller brush neutral base darker color with any shade. Cute Ladybug this cartoonish design twist and it is beautiful without being babyish. Flight of Fancy, you apply it small paint brush with three colors and an orange. Animals Prints, mostly use for kids. Heart to Heart, apply it Nail Art Designssilver glitter color and outlined hearts with black acrylic. Hello Kitty, it is very beautiful and requires long time to create with dry paint. Story Time, apply it with white base color and other background color. Over the Rainbow, it is white color base and vertical colorful stripes. The Geek Chic nail art designs, you can apply it striping brush with white color base bold and dark shades with dotting tool. Shades of Love, this is too hard and pretty.

Nail Art Ideas the Best

Gingham Style, apply it with white color base coat and apply with your choose color shades. Swarovski Style, apply is very latest and modern stylish base color. Laser Sharp, apply it pastel color and zig zag. Glitters and Stones, this requires on you base dry color and use freshly polish with silver glitter. Blow Dryer Mani, apply it small brush with white color base coat and for create dot you use any bright color so, and others many readymade styles available and you can make a unique variety of designs for Easy Nail Art Designsshort and long nails at home. Beautiful art designs are extremely right for nails, as a result before going to anyplace they never forgets to embellish their hands and happen to crazy on that. Every female appear busy in doing shopping before Eid event wants to look gorgeous and the nail art designs ideas are always considered as one of the necessary part among young women and girls. This is very fantastic top famous collections designs 2015 images for those women and girls which want to increase their personality.