Bollywood Anushka Sharma Actress Lovely Fashion Style

Very attractive top Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma was born in beautiful city Ayohdya 1 May 1988 in India her occupations are movie film acting and modeling, she appear in her occupations mostly 2007 and also won Screen Awards Zee Cine, IIFA Awards, Film fare, Best Actress, Best Female Debut, Film & Television awards. Her father name is Ajay Kumar he is army officer and native Uttar Pradesh and mother name is Ashima she is the best homemaker and native Garhwali. Now at time you see photos when Anushka Sharma was wearing hot, casual, saree, bikini and celebrity dresses and with very eye catching modern beauty makeup and nice looking up to date hairstyle and wearing dresses when she was in film shooting, celebrity party and fashion modeling seasons. Anushka SharmaAnushka Sharma is good-looking Indian girl, movie television film actress, beauty/fashion model, advertising/commercial model, magazine cover model, swimwear/bikini model, beautiful model, top Bollywood actress. (She tell) Anushka Sharma Diet start and eating in breakfast, one glass fruit juice, two egg, and some time eat meals in a day, which consist of lime water, fruits, protein bar, coconut water, and other healthy drinks and in nighttime eat vegetable salad and she Her daily drink a water 3-4 liters. She has a hair color dark brown black, eye color stunning shiny black and her height 1.75 m. So, see some wonderful amazing wallpaper when Anushka Sharma wears dresses e.g. hot, casual, saree, bikini and others fine looking celebrity manner styles.