Bangle Designs Fashion for Women and Girls 2015

The beautiful 2015 Bangle designs or Churiyan fashion are well-known in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India which are worn by children, women and girls of all ages for centuries. It is difficult to forecast about its exact history, when were introduced and adopted. However, different samples of bangles have been founded during excavation from Mohenjo-Daro, Tails, and Mahunrjhari and from multiple Maryann sites etc. In Pakistan all festivals i.e. Marriage, Eid, Dewily and Chrisms etc are incomplete without wearing churiyan by females.  Churiyan are prepared by using iron, steel, gold, silver, plastic, glass, copper, bronze, agate, shell, chalcedony and other various materials etc but made by glass are preferred during marriages or engagement occasions. But in other regions such as the Arabian Peninsula and South Asia, bangle designs have been evolved Bangle Designsinto a wide range and each is used for different occasions. It are prepared in various colors, designs and fashions using different material in pure or alloy with other metal in various combinations, in different shapes and colors as the tradition may be. As you know that gold is very precious, so now a day it is being replaced by plastics, glass and costly stones etc.  A solid, cylinder and a split, cylindrical spring opening and closing type, these two types are popular among fashionable girls. The basic difference between these two is the material used. The bracelets prepared from different materials are found in various shapes and designs i.e. round, square or rectangular. The additive value increased due to the artifacts or beautiful designs /embroidery made on the bracelets. The small pieces of glass or paintings, bracelets studded with precious gems, diamonds and pearls with attractive designs are quite popular among women in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, while bracelets made from rubber or plastics are being worn by youngsters add a new look in bangle designs fashion. However, various collections of Churiyan evolved are seen in different regions being used for special occasions e.g. glass bangles are mostly used in marriage functions.  The women and girls select

The Bangle Designs in Colorful

Pairs; wear in both arms, matching with the colors of new dresses worn at the religious festival or on the occasion of happy day. The small baby wear Kara or strong bangle, mostly black or red in color, the habitual beggars also appear at the weekend wearing big size Kara’s of various colors very attractive in shape and size and decorated with precious stones etc. The religious women also wear Kara made of the elephant teeth white in color along with glass bracelets. At the marriage ceremony almost all the married women wear Kara made of gold in one hand, while golden bangle designs in other hand or churiyan of different colors matching with the worn dresses in both arms. Mostly the selection is made under the supervision of old woman, who Bangle Designs 2015strictly gives them advices, and proposes instructions for different matching or contrast colors according to their uniform or skin color. Different colors of glass bracelets have their own meanings and importance according to the superstitious people, red color for energy, green color shows married status, black and silver stand for power and strength, gold or yellow reflect fortune and white for starting of new life activities. There are many sayings about it i.e. a sudden break of glass bracelets means unpleasant incident of family member especially the husband. Wearing of gold bracelets continuously is the symbol of safety or good luck of her husband. Some people believe in that smaller bangles worn by bride are the sign of a happy marriage. Now days 2015, bangle design/churiyan fashion business have become a prominent trade in Asian countries. Here are some

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